.tiff 2022 - Emerging Belgian Photography

24.06.2022 - 28.08.2022
On show

group exhibition

In Camera, 2022 © Arian Christiaens
Barbara10 kopiëren
Slobozia, Texas, 2021 © Barbara Debeuckelaere
Limburg. 2019–2022 © Lars Duchateau
Durag, 2021–ongoing © Rami Hara
SUILLUS, Looking at the sun with closed eyelids, 2020–2021 © Alice Pallot
LIGIAP3 webres
Fading Senses, 2020 – ongoing © Ligia Popławska
SEPPEV1 kopiëren
Within the Bubble of Surroundings, 2016 – ongoing © Seppe Vancraywinkel
Emile 01 LO RES
Training, 2022 © Emile Rubino
Gulsah A Bayrak 20
Bloody Hamam, 2020 © Gülşah Ayla Bayrak
Cédric Kouamé LO RES
Cédric Kouamé, Hosanna Community, Archive, 2017 © Cédric Kouamé

Every year FOMU selects ten promising phototographers, all living or working in Belgium. In addition to a variety of networking opportunities, FOMU will accompany them on a development journey to create the portfolio magazine .tiff, culminating in a group exhibition.

.tiff 2022 presents the work of: Alice Pallot, Arian Christiaens, Barbara Debeuckelaere, Cédric Kouamé, Emile Rubino, Gülşah Ayla Bayrak, Lars Duchateau, Ligia Popławska, Rami Hara & Seppe Vancraywinkel

Like ‘Belgian photography’, .tiff has many angles. It gives a flavour of the diversity and energy in Belgium’s photography landscape. Using .tiff, FOMU offers emerging talent a platform to reach a wider audience and network.

In 2022, .tiff turns ten years old. Since 2018, tiff has been a part of Futures, a partnership between FOMU and a growing number of other European organisations

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