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The FOMU's collection of photographic equipment shows the development of photographic technology from camera obscura to the digital camera. Our versatile collection features almost all camera types and technical innovations. It includes cameras from European, American, Russian and Japanese manufacturers, as well as light meters, projectors and lab equipment. The collection also boasts pieces that appeal to the imagination, such as a camera that is over 4 metres long, spy cameras, magic lanterns, and even a carrier pigeon camera.

With 23,000 objects, the FOMU's equipment collection is very diverse and extensive. The lion's share dates from around 1900 to the 1980s. In terms of size and completeness, it distinguishes itself as one of the leading collections in the world. Its unique character has grown thanks to collections from the Agfa-Gevaert company and the historical private collection of the Swiss camera expert Michel Auer. The Kaiserpanorama is one of the most remarkable items of the FOMU collection.

F 1969 38 Speed Graphic 2 MB
Folmer-Graflex Corp., Speed Graphic, Rochester, NY (US), 1935, Collection FOMU, F/1969/3
F 1963 0056 Megalethoscope 2 MB

Carlo Ponti, Megalethoscoop, viewing cabinet for optics pictures, Venice, ca. 1862, Collection FOMU, F/1963/56

F 1967 290 Ticka Watch Pocket 5 s

Houghtons Ltd., Ticka Watch Pocket, camera in the shape of a pocket watch, London (VK), 1907, Collection FOMU, F/1967/290

F 1973 0139 Camera Obscura 2 MB

Anonymous, Camera Obscura, FR or CH, early 19th century, Collection FOMU, F/1973/139

F 1965 0006 Escopette

Albert Darier, L’Escopette, Genève (CH), 1888, Collection FOMU, F/1965/6

F 1973 0417 Leitz Leica A de Luxe 2

Ernst Leitz, Leica A de luxe, 35mm camera Leica A de Luxe, nr. 36880, Wetzlar (DE), 1930, Collection FOMU, F/1973/417


Optikotechna, Spektaretta, Prerov, CZ, circa 1939, Collection FOMU, 2021_0019

Trophy v095 lowres

Dries Depoorter, Trophy Camera v0.95, Ghent, 2021, Collection FOMU, 2021_0022 ©Dries Depoorter & Max Pinckers

Kodak Bean Brownie

Beau Brownie N°2 (Tan), Kodak, Rochester NY (US), 1930-33, Brownie Doublet 120 rolfilm, 6x9, Collection FOMU F/1969/0057

F 1973 0712 Schoenner Jean Toverlantaarn

Magic lantern © Jean Schoenner, Collection FOMU F/1973/0712

Bertillonnage politiecamerab

Bertillonage police camera with chair, Neue Görlitzer Camera Werke, Görlitz (DE), 1902, Collection FOMU, FHK 02083
CHAIR 3898 / CAMERA 3922

F 1994 0096 Straatcamera Beikoz 1

Istanbul Beikoz Fotograf, street camera, anonymous, 1925, Collection FOMU, F/1994/96

RS88141 Fo Mu Keizerspanorama Guy Voet scr

Joseph Maes, Kaiserpanorama, 1905, Collection FOMU, F1975/171

F 1979 164 Olifant 2

Lamberts & Querton, reproduction camera 'The Elephant', 1940, Collection FOMU, F1979/164

Cortamatic HIRES

Fex/Indo Cortamatic 126, Fex/Indo, Lyon/Paris (FR), 1970, compact camera 28 x 28 mm op 126mm film, Collection FOMU F/1981/197